Progression boats are our own design, not a splash or a copy from some other company. Progressionís designs went from the drawing board to computers, then built wooden plugs, which became the foundation for our mirror-smooth fiberglass molds. The benefit of this is that we know more about our boats than any one in the world.



The above photos show the first Progression design, being created as a plug for the mold that would evolve into the Progression 24 hull.  Circa 1983.

Progressionís bottom design, starting at the transom keel, has a seven inch pad running forward. Working from the pad to each side, the design incorporates a 24-degree panel, a three inch lifting strake, a 23-degree panel, a three inch lifting strake, and a 22-degree panel ending with a three inch reverse angle chine. (where the side meets the bottom). This is Progressionís unique Variable-Deadrise Bottom. The benefits of a bottom with this geometric design, as opposed to that of a straight V-bottom, is a stronger and stiffer bottom, creating greater lift in the water. All this adds up to softer entries, a dryer ride, greater stability, and higher speeds in rougher water.

A flat transom gives you the versatility to accommodate trim tabs, hydraulic steering rams, outboard engine brackets, stern drive stand off boxes, ladders, and a swim platform. All this adds up to no sacrifice in handling or speed.  



Progression builds their boats in balsa cored molds, vacuum bagging all structural laminates, which virtually guarantees a bottom that's race ready and one that doesn't need blue printing. Progressionís sharp strake edges reduce drag and increases speed. This standard Progression practice is unheard of in the boating industry.

Progression believes in producing the same quality inside as well as outside, including where you can't see. When a manufacturer delivers waves down the sides and bottom of the hull, then tells you the work under the floor is better, whoís the fool?












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