A full length bottom means maximum performance, rough water handling, and safety.  Progression's race-proven design does not incorporate swim platforms or bow extensions into the length of the boat.  With a Progression, you get exactly what you are paying for.

This blueprinted, advanced design has no equal in the industry.

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Another Progression design advantage is the Reverse Chine Design.  The chine is presented at a slight downward angle, which results in tighter, more predictable high-speed turns as well as greatly decreased water spray in rough conditions.  While a flat chine will push water to the sides, the Reverse Chine forces parting water downward at the same time.

This design incorporates a 24-degree panel, a three inch lifting strake, a 23-degree panel, a three inch lifting strake, and a 22-degree panel ending with a three inch reverse angle chine. (where the side meets the bottom).

This is Progressionís unique Variable-Deadrise Bottom. The benefits of a bottom with this geometric design, as opposed to that of a straight V-bottom, is a stronger and stiffer bottom, creating greater lift in the water. All this adds up to softer entries, a dryer ride, greater stability, and higher speeds in rougher water.










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