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It's been no secret in the boating in the high performance offshore boating industry that Progression Performance Boats has been custom crafting its own boat interiors for almost twenty years.  We created our own interior manufacturing facility in order to have full control of design and quality.

To meet the demands of customers looking for a no-compromise, high-quality seating solution for their high-performance boat, we've launched a whole new line of seats, seat mounts, and seat sliders to fit this need.

Unlike most interior manufacturers, we use only the highest quality materials in the construction of our seats, seat shells, sliders, and mounts.  We do not use plywood, standard foams, and cheap threads.  Our seat shells are constructed of AME 4000 resins and multi-directional knitted fabrics.  They are 100% balsa cored and vacuum bagged, yielding a product that is extremely lightweight and strong.  Our interiors were tested in the most extreme offshore environments to withstand the rigors of the high-performance boating environment. The bottom line:  A strong seat is a safe seat.

We build models ranging from high-back offshore boat seats to small, ultra lightweight "lake racer" style shells, and everything in between.  We can also reupholster your existing seat shells to your exact specifications, or to replicate the original interior design exactly.  As with the seats in our boats, we use only the finest  mattress foams, threads, and vinyl with the lowest cold-crack rating in the industry.

Click on our Seat Styles section to look at a sample of some of the styles we make.  Custom mounting systems are also available, including all aluminum and stainless steel seat sliders and custom fiberglass seat mounts.





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